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The average start time could take up to a week depending on personal certification completion, processing of insurance, occupational health screen, and available vehicle inspection dates.

It’s not required, but we recommend all vehicles be less than 10 years old. Each vehicle must display reliability with all working features to pass Linear Transit inspections.

Payroll starts Sunday and ends Saturday.

You can expect your first deposit on your third week of Linear transit’s payroll with back pay. Linear Transit direct deposits your paycheck every Friday morning.

Linear Transit will send out remittances that will display all your completed trips for that specific payroll week.

Availability does not affect the driving rates. It, however, does have a heavy influence on personal reoccurring trips. Linear transit prefers to assign regular members to its full-time drivers for quality purposes.

Pull-in times and Pull-out times will vary on a day-to-day basis. We try not to assign any trips after 5 pm. However, we do experience unavoidable delays with some return trips and is part of the contractor’s responsibility to ensure every trip is complete.

We currently cover the Eau Claire, Lacrosse, Appleton, Oshkosh, Greenbay, and Wausau area.

We can assign both of you to share your designated vehicle. Both of you will be required to work alternating days as full-time contractors, but will receive separate deposits.

We have to wait at least 10 mins for all appointment pickups before we can cancel or no-show the member. Return rides may vary and must be completed even at later times. We are not allowed to leave any members unreturned.

No. You are not allowed to have any guest passengers in the vehicle while transporting Linear Transit members.

Linear Transit does support the “Shared-Ride Program,” and you may have to accommodate more than one active member(s) en route. Occasionally, you may have additional member(s) or “plus-one” to accompany the appointed member. It’s very important we only transport approved members. You will be able to identify this by viewing member notes.

All unlimited requested time off must be submitted to your team leader one week in advance. Keep in mind as a full-time contractor it is your responsibility to maintain attendance with your regulars, failing to do so may forfeit you as the primary transporter.

Make sure to contact the member by phone and verify their address before initial pickup. If the pickup address is too far out of the operating mileage make sure to contact your designated team leader.

Make sure to verify each member’s destination before performing a trip. If the member’s desired (correct) address is too far out of the operating mileage then make sure to contact your designated team leader.

We are not allowed to make any additional stops for members. There needs to be an active trip allowing us to perform the stop in the Driver app. Linear Transit would like to express using your best discretion when making these decisions.

A $500 (full-time)/$250 (part-time) referral bonus is paid after the referred contractor has completed his/her 90 Days (received their first paycheck).

Linear Transit would like to avoid “vendor no-shows” at all costs. Failing to complete any assigned trip does affect the quality of Linear Transit’s servicing area and its operating team. Linear Transit may issue a fine (up to $200) towards the contractor who is responsible for the vendor no-show.

Yes. Linear Transit will provide commercial insurance coverage for your operating vehicle. We will deduct your commercial insurance payment every week from your direct deposit.

No, personal commercial insurance is not allowed.