About Us

Linear Transit specializes in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Our service provider was molded by a group of individuals who believed in making impactful involvement in each other's lives. Through each other's trust grew determination, and with the commitment of each other's work ethics Linear Transit was created.

Our Mission

Our number one priority is to ensure that every trip gets completed. We visualize a workplace where everyone is appreciated. It’s important to our company that teamwork is a strong existence, for the success of the beneficiaries and our transit workers.

You Health, Your Safety, Our Priority

We believe that everyone can have a healthy smile for life and with our help it’s easier than you think! We are passionate about helping members live better quality lives thanks to our committed Linear team

Seng Lor

See What Members are Saying About Us

Dive into the experiences of those who have entrusted their transportation needs to us. Our members testimonials speak volumes about the quality, compassion, and reliability of our service. Discover why Linear Transit is the preferred choice for non-emergency medical transportation.

    It’s always fun riding with Linear. We have some of the craziest conversations. My ride is about an hour long, but it feels like a 30min drive. I’m actually looking forward to my next ride.

    Absolutely amazing people! I will always choose to ride with Linear Transit over the other cab companies in my area.

    Great people, really good environment and excellent member care. They are continuously innovating themselves which is why they remain a premier medical ride.

    A happy driver for Linear Transit

    Ready to Drive Real Change in Your Community?

    With Linear Transit, every day is an opportunity to positively shape our members' lives. We offer a dynamic work environment that empowers you to deliver reliable, compassionate transportation services. Join our mission and leave your mark on the community.
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