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Linear Transit drivers may show up 10 minutes before or after the requested pick-up time.

In some cases, yes, though not frequent. Linear Transit is an advocate of the “Shared-Ride Program.”

Linear Transit is prohibited to perform unauthorized stops.

You are only allowed one approved additional passenger.

Contact Linear Transit at (608) 467-0237 about your appointment time change. Refer the delay of your appointment to our dispatcher so we can prepare for your return trip. Contact us again when you are ready for us to accommodate you.

Contact Linear Transit at (608) 467-0237 about being done early. If we are able to accommodate you at an earlier time we will. If we are not able to, you will have to wait until your scheduled pick up time.

No, unless approved for the accommodation of your service dog.

All food and beverages must be kept in a sealed container. We do not allow any open containers.

Please give us a call at (608) 467-0237 so that we can assist you in receiving transportation services.

Please email us at and address the issues you are experiencing with the driver.

We are only authorized to transport members to the approved addresses.

Please contact your Transportation Coordinator and go from there.